Toyota 30k 60k 90k Mileage
Based Scheduled Service

Many things in life aren't urgent--they are simply important. But because they aren't urgent, we have to make deliberate decisions to take action in a timely manner before what was simply important becomes a crisis due to inattention. Your Toyota's long-term health is like that.

One of the most important to the Toyota, Lexus, Scion vehicle owner is the 30K Service. This is because the 30K Service is required by Toyota to keep your warranty intact. The dealer is within their rights to deny a warranty failure if the 30K Service was not done within a reasonable time frame of the mileage interval that it is due.

As ASE certified independent Toyota specialists, we provide a comfortable alternative to the Dealer. Your Toyotas will be serviced with an unusual level of personal concern and professionalism by specialists that service and repair Toyotas, Lexus, & Scions exclusively.

These mileage-based services involve inspecting your vehicle in order to anticipate whether repairs may soon be needed, and preemptively replacing various fluids and tune related components in order to maintain your vehicle's long-term health, performance, and reliability. The timely maintenance you give to your car can enable it to give you years of pleasant, reliable service.